Digital Harbour


The Digital Harbour team is committed to the progressive roll out of a fully developed, integrated Precinct forming an inner urban, mixed use, sustainable community in a diverse landscaped environment. 

Since securing development rights in December 2000, the Digital Harbour development team has steadily built a reputation for quality building products, professionally developed, professionally delivered and professionally managed. On-going building and facility management of all completed buildings by the Digital Harbour management team has ensured that standards and building quality are constantly maintained and improved with each new building.

A Shared Facilities Overlay, developed specifically for Digital Harbour, ensures that all building owners and Owners Corporation members participate in the upkeep and maintenance of the Precinct including Precinct wide security regimes designed for the benefit of all (without the imposition of fences). Unfettered access to easements within individual titles facilitates Precinct wide integration of services and contributes beneficially towards the overall management regime.

To date all buildings on the Digital Harbour Precinct have been designed and developed by the Digital Harbour management team and the team has ongoing management responsibilities for the Innovation Building and 1010 LaTrobe Street on behalf of the current institutional long term lease holder. 

The Life.lab building, at 198 Harbour Esplanade, is a strata titled building that is substantially owned by investors and owner occupiers.  The Digital Harbour management team has maintained an involvement in the Owners Corporation Building Committee and provides building and facilities management services to the Owners Corporation.